Top 10 GD Topics 2020

Hello Uotians, here comes the list of Top 10 GD Topics 2020 from different categories along with solutions.


The major topics are given along with related topics so that you can explore more data in the similar domain. Click on the topics, read and share if you like them. The information is arranged in a proper framework that is hardly available anywhere else on the internet.

1. Women Empowerment in India

Related Topics:


2. Unemployment in India

Related Topics:


3. Love Marriage Vs Arrange Marriage

Related Topics:


4. Social Media Boon or Bane

Related Topics:


5. Banking Scams in India

Related Topics:


6. Importance of Networking

Related Topics:


7. Walmart Flipkart Deal

Related Topics:


8. Article 370

Related Topics:



9. Is India ready for Cashless Economy?

Related Topics:


10. Artificial Intelligence – Pros and Cons

Related Topics:

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