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Red – Abstract GD Topic

Colour Red

We as humans are born with great creative and imaginative skills. Every time someone talks about a particular colour, we start visualising things associated with that colour. Each coin has two sides. Similarly, the colour Red has so its own significance. It is associated with war, blood, anger and all sorts of negativity but at the same time, it also resembles desire for love, peace and passion. This colour signifies our will to survive. It includes emotions and encourages us to take action.

Colour Red Abstract GD topic

Red is the colour of blood and also the colour of the occasion. Colour Red is often used by the restaurants as it increases appetite and also stimulates a craving for food.

Red as Strength

1) Red is considered the colour of Love and affection.


2) In Indian culture, it is used as a symbol of Good Omen.


3) Fruits and Vegetables like Cherries, Carrots, Tomatoes are red in colour which is very healthy.


4) Red is considered the colour of Power.


5) It is an attention seeker

Red as Weakness

1) It Signifies Hatred, War, Blood.


2) When someone gets angry, he turns out red.


3) Red is also considered as the sign of losses in the stock market.


4) It signifies being violent and brutal.

Significance of Red Internationally


1) China uses Red colour for good luck.


2) It symbolises Socialism and therefore it is used to represent the French Revolution.


3) Countries like the United States and Europe use this colour to show love, joy and passion.

Colour Red in our daily lives


1) Traffic signals have Red colour in it. The reason behind this is to stop the vehicles because this colour is scattered the least in air molecules. It is also visible during rain and fog.


2) Red chillies are used in the food we eat. It gives a unique and pungent taste to our food.


3) Teachers use the red pen while correcting the answer sheets. The reason behind using red ink is that it is attention-getting colour. Red colour gets quickly showed on the answer sheets.


4) We have often heard that bulls get angry when they see the colour red. But the fact is, they are colour blind.


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Author: Smruti Vasavada

Visiting lecturer at Smt Mithibai Motiram Kundnani College of Commerce and Economics.

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1 Comment

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