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Impact of Movies on Youth: GD Topic



Getting bored? Let’s watch movies! Nowadays, movies have become a part of our lives. Of course, it is one of the best sources of entertainment, especially for the young generation. Movies act as a savior for escaping us from our busy lives and stressful schedule.


But, is it really good every time? What impacts does it have on our youths and society? Movies leave a great impact on our lifestyles and behavior. It is created to bring a sense of refreshment to the people. Well, it depends on us. If we make it as an addiction and absorb all the negatives from it, it can be very harmful to the young generation.

impact of movies on youth

However, youths are grown-ups, so they should make themselves to grasp all the positives from the movies and leave the negatives there itself. And as we know, youths are the future of our society, so it becomes really important to have a watch on this.


“One of the powerful temptations is that of the cinema palace. The cinema has undoubtedly an enormous attraction for boys, and people are constantly cudgeling their brains on how to stop it. But it is one of those things which would be very difficult to stop even if it were altogether desirable.” – Robert Baden-Powell

STATISTICS – What numbers have to Say?

  • Studies show that about 1600 to 1800 movies are released every year in India in 25+ languages. This shows that Indians are very keen on watching movies.
  • 20 million people in India go to watch movies every day, which equates to nearly 2% of the entire population.


  • 50% of the youth is affected by what they watch in movies as compared to what they see in real life.
  • Studies have found that 91% of movies on television contained violence, even extreme violence.


  • As per the PwC report, India is poised to be the 3rd largest cinema market in the world by 2021.

DESCRIPTION – Let’s take a Deep Dive

As we know, movies have the power to make or break the world. Movies can act as a strong medium for bringing significant changes in society. Nowadays, people prefer watching movies than reading books. Visualization leaves a great impact on the minds of people than imagination. So, the best use of this should be made such that our young generation absorbs all the positive things from it.


Movies such as ‘BHAAG MILKHA BHAAG’, ‘NEERJA’, ‘RAAZI’ etc bought a sense of patriotism and motivation. Movies such as ‘DANGAL’, ‘MARY KOM’, etc encouraged girls to participate in sports activities and helped in discouraging gender inequality.


Movies can act as a great source of knowledge as well. Many autobiographies have been made, through which we can learn a lot about our culture and history. But not everything shown in the movies must be absorbed like fights, violence, vulgarity, smoking, taking drugs, etc.


It all depends upon our perception that how we take it. Youth is a stage of life when we are full of energy and very enthusiastic about learning new things.  So, if the positive things are taken into consideration, movies can act as a source of social awareness as well as motivation for achieving goals.

Positive impacts of movies on youth

  • Movies act as a powerful medium of education, information, and entertainment which helps in opinion building on various social groups.
  • Movies can bring a significant change in our society and culture.


  • Movies can make youths familiar with historical events and stories.
  • Watching comedy movies can act as a good source of refreshment and relieving stress and tensions.


  • Movies can stimulate our emotions, perceptions, skills, and understandings.
  • Movies can help in enhancing our knowledge.



Negative impacts of movies on youth

  • The vulgarity shown in the movies leaves a bad impact on the minds of the young generation as well as children of our society.
  • Youngsters try to act like the lead characters of the movies. So, if they are shown smoking, taking alcohol or drugs, doing crimes, it will be harmful to youngsters.


  • Movies containing obscene and terrorism can affect the minds of the youth in a dangerous way.
  • Youngsters try to copy the lifestyles of actors in movies. They fail to differentiate between reel life and real life.
  • Movies are taking away the interests of youngsters from reading books and novels.


Everything has something good as well as bad in it. It is us who can decide whether to grab good things or bad things. In the same way, movies can have a very good impact on the minds of our youngsters if they learn to catch all the good aspects like learning new things about our history and culture, gain social awareness about the real scenario occurring around us or take the vulgarity and bad things. Just have a look at what you choose as the future of our country depends upon you guys!

Aap Kya Sochte Ho?

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Author – Riya Chandra

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