Can India boycott Chinese Products?

Boycott chinese products

BOYCOTT CHINESE PRODUCTS INTRODUCTION “Boycott Chinese goods” a rising clamour in India is a situation raised after the border clash which left 20 Indian soldiers martyred. There is a tension on the border where the air support is deployed with artilleries, amid Ladakh standoff. This wave of Boycott is seeming to be a powerful move at first considering the patriotic sentiment of the Indian economy. But when we have a look at the numbers pertaining to trade (import-export), trade deficits and investments. This clamour is nothing but just an unrealistic…

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Windows Vs Ubuntu – Which is the Best OS?

ubuntu vs windows

Windows Vs Ubuntu INTRODUCTION Having resources is great! but does those resources make any sense if they don’t deliver optimum results? Efficient management of resources should be done to gain desired results. Similar logic can be applied to computers and mobile devices, they are loaded with application software’s and hardware to handle GB’s of information/data. These applications and hardware are managed by a program which is termed as “operating system”. OS works as an interface between computer hardware and the end-user, it is a communicator which helps the user to…

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Free WiFi Hotspots: Beneficial or not?

Free WiFi Hotspots near me

Free WiFi Hotspots  Is it safe to connect public Wi-Fi?   INTRODUCTION Imagine, it’s Saturday morning and a weekly off, but there’s some work to catch up. There is always some tail end work which people tend to complete on their off days. A coffee shop serves the purpose where on such days, one can spend time sipping coffee and munching cookies or a pastry with some good music while working – which provides a relaxed yet productive environment. You open your laptop and bam there is a network which…

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Just in Time

just in time benefits

JUST IN TIME INTRODUCTION There is a cost associated with each and everything in this world. Businesses rise or fall if they don’t do the right estimation of the costs incurred for each of the element which contributes to building their profits and functioning of their organization. With the changing time our world has also evolved; the hunger for power and money has always been there in this world which led to wars, politics and disaster. However, one of the biggest disasters led to the invention of a technique/process which…

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Are Work from Home Jobs legit? Future of Business?

where to find work from home jobs

WORK FROM HOME – TELECOMMUTING INTRODUCTION Yes, we are fighting a global crisis – COVID 19, and we’ll fight it down to come out strong. The global economy has gone for a toss overnight, and organizations are forced to choose an alternate way of work to reduce conflict of interest. What is that alternative? It’s telecommuting or work from home. It was a method used to give leverage for employees undergoing family emergencies, medical emergencies etc. But in this pandemic situation, this method has proven to be a business saver,…

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Top 6 Challenges in the IT industry

problems in IT sector

CHALLENGES IN IT INDUSTRY INTRODUCTION Information Technology a buzz word and boon for us, the generation of 21st century. It is a developing field which has changed our lives and acted as a pioneer to drive globalization. But as we enjoy the perks of the digital era there are few challenges too. Are you aware of them? Let’s talk about the challenges in the IT industry. QUOTES Progress has never been a bargain. You’ve got to pay for it. Sometimes I think there’s a man behind a counter who says,…

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What is the future of OTT streaming platforms in India?

growth of ott platforms in India

Future of OTT in India India’s television broadcasting industry in 2019 had to witness a slowdown in advertising spends and increasing consumer preference for digital OTT (over-the-top) platforms in 2019, which has raised a fundamental question whether Television will remain the preferred source of information and entertainment in India. Let’s explore more about the future of OTT in India along with the consumption and growth information.   OTT media platforms are the latest global trend and India is not far behind. OTT subscriptions are disrupting traditional cable TV networks and…

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Six Sigma: GD Topic – Best GD Topics

six sigma green belt

SIX SIGMA INTRODUCTION Bill Smith while working for Motorola in 1986 pioneered Six Sigma, which is a collection of tools, techniques, disciplined, data-driven approach, statistical-based & continuous improvement methodology for abolishing the defects, drawbacks in a product, process or service which is based on quality management fundamentals. Tons of companies around the globe have adopted Six Sigma as a way of doing business for putting results on financial statements. The word “Sigma” is a statistical term involved in the measurement of how far a given process deviates from perfection. QUOTES…

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Artificial Intelligence Pros and Cons: GD Topic – Best GD Topics


ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE PROS AND CONS INTRODUCTION Are you using a smartphone and don’t know about AI? Google Assitant, Siri, Alexa etc. are based on AI and also the chatbots. Remember Natasha from Hike? Wikipedia defines AI as ‘Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a program or a machine to think and learn’. Is it limited to this statement? The answer is, No. The statement has to include an important term known as ‘human’. Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that…

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Bullet Train in India Pros and Cons: GD Topic – Best GD Topics


BULLET TRAIN INDIA PROS AND CONS BULLET TRAIN: DOES COUNTRY REALLY NEEDS IT? INTRODUCTION In India, the Bullet train first came into the picture in the 2007-08 budget, which was presented by the railway minister Lalu Prasad Yadav, But never started the project. Then in 2009 when the Railway Minister Mamta Banerjee submitted the document indicating the need of High-Speed Railway Corridor, But still no major attention was given to it. And Finally in 2014 the Modi government presented Bullet train in its Budget and Inaugurated the project at Ahmedabad…

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