The Menace of Eve-Teasing: GD Topic – Best GD Topics

the menace of eve-teasing

THE MENACE OF EVE-TEASING INTRODUCTION The making of obscene remarks by men to women in public places is said to be known as eve-teasing. Eve-teasers can be seen in buses, schools, colleges, pubs, theatres, parks, restaurants, etc. The predators stalk and then physically and mentally harras women. This obviously results in big crimes or suicidal cases. Can you believe that every woman in the world, especially in India experiences some or the other kind of harassment and molestation at some point in time? Yeah, you heard it right. Not only…

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Crime against Women in India

crime against women in India

CRIME AGAINST WOMEN INTRODUCTION The number of violent crimes in India especially those against women are increasing with each passing year. Ranging from the so-called eve-teasing and outright sexual harassment on the street or workplace to harassment for dowry, molestations, acid attacks, and the often-reported rape, these crimes against women reflects the deep-rooted problems related to the position of women in Indian society. The brutal gang rape in New Delhi compels us to look into the situation on women in today’s society. Such heinous crimes have degraded the status of…

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Is India safe for Women?

women safety in India

IS INDIA SAFE FOR WOMEN INTRODUCTION A prompt reply to this Question would definitely be “NO”. Because, how can we forget the Nirbhaya case, in which a young lady was brutally raped and murdered and her family had to wait for 8 long years for justice. How can we forget the recent Hyderabad case, wherein a veterinary doctor was raped and brutally murdered? How can we forget the regular headlines wherein a young girl child of around 5 years or an old woman of 80 years is raped? How can…

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What is Reservation System in India?

should reservation be based on economic status

SHOULD RESERVATION BE BASED ON ECONOMIC STATUS? INTRODUCTION The reservation system in India was undertaken to resolve inequality, historic tyranny and discrimination suffered by some communities of the society. The communal awards announced by British Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald in August 1932 triggered the initial fire. There was a demand for separate electorates for Dalits, Sikhs, Muslims, Indian Christians, Anglo Indians, and Europeans. The same was opposed by Mahatma Gandhi who declared fast until death in Yerwada jail. The Poona pact of 1932 was the inception of the quota system…

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Should Pornography be Banned in India: GD Topic – Best GD Topics

should pornography be banned in India

SHOULD PORNOGRAPHY BE BANNED IN INDIA Jada Pinkett Smith, a 47-year-old actress has recently, in an interview, admitted that opening up about her experiences with porn in front of her mother and 18-year-old daughter was a “TMI(too much information) moment”, but said the conversation was important to have because porn can be a tough subject for so many people. Pornography has become an industry in itself today, and, is flourishing day by day. But what is the reason behind it? What has caused porn to be so popular, especially among…

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Capital Punishment should be Banned: GD Topic – Best GD Topics


CAPITAL PUNISHMENT SHOULD BE BANNED INTRODUCTION Well, we all know What is Capital punishment. Don’t we? What is Capital Punishment? Basically, It is when a person guilty of heinous crimes particularly that of rape or murder is sentenced to death. In India capital punishment is carried out by hanging the accused by the neck till the person is alive no more. In developed countries, this could be substituted by the electric chair or shooting. Capital punishment or the death penalty is a legal process whereby a person is put to…

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Generation Gap: GD Topic – Best GD Topics

cause of generation gap

GENERATION GAP INTRODUCTION “Hamare zamane mein hum chal ke jaya karte the, aur tum aajkal ke bacche Gaadi aur rickshaw ke bina jaate nay ho.”  This sentence is most common sentence which we, as the younger generation can hear from the older generation. The difference of thoughts, beliefs, lifestyles between “Hamara zamana” (Older generation) and “Naya zamana” (Younger generation) refers to the generation gap.   Generation is usually divided into 3 parts: 1) Childhood 2) Middle age 3) Old age. Generally, a family consists of all the three generations mentioned…

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Teenage Attraction is Not Love: GD Topic – Best GD Topics

Teenage Love

TEENAGE ATTRACTION IS NOT LOVE INTRODUCTION We’ve all experienced love during our teenage years. This love adds richness & happiness to our lives. We’ve loved and been loved. It not only provides us with a chance to discover our own selves as we share it with someone new. Teenage is a transitional phase from childhood to adulthood, where most of us have a probability of getting attracted towards opposite gender due to addiction of one’s charm, looks, and personality. Lust is what attraction is and Love is different. QUOTE “Too…

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Mob Lynching in India: GD Topic – Best GD Topics


MOB LYNCHING IN INDIA ‘Individual will no match for mad mobs.’ Whenever a mob gets violent, no intellect can help to calm it. Even the most sensible minds lose their calm and get carried away with the rage of the mob. And such a mob is the most dangerous thing that not only hurts the society but puts a question mark on humanity as a whole.   INTRODUCTION The mob is a group of people, particularly ferocious and violent, which disturb harmony and peace in society and lynching means to…

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Retirement Homes Pros and Cons: GD Topic – Best GD Topics


RETIREMENT HOMES – PROS AND CONS INTRODUCTION First, we learn so we can start working. Then we work so we can start earning. Then we save for the second innings of our lives where we won’t be working. This is a simple sum-up of an average person’s life. Retiring from work is usually called the second innings of life because as old age steps in, the efficiency of the human body decreases thus changes everything. It is often said that childhood and old age are the same – for we…

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