Love Marriage Vs Arrange Marriage


LOVE MARRIAGE VS ARRANGE MARRIAGE INTRODUCTION Marriage is a lifetime partnership between two souls, who come together to celebrate their journey of life with each other happily. In a love marriage, individuals choose their partners by their own choice, they love each other and get married with or without the consent of their parents. Whereas, in arrange marriage, parents and family members decide the future and partners of individuals. QUOTE “A GREAT MARRIAGE DOESN’T HAPPEN BECAUSE OF THE LOVE YOU HAD IN THE BEGINNING BUT HOW WELL YOU CONTINUE BUILDING…

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Detention Policy: Pros and Cons


DETENTION POLICY PROS AND CONS INTRODUCTION Learning is focused on building primary & primitive concepts in one’s mind, this can help the people of any age group to develop an interest in learning and encourage them to study further with or without the fear of failure or improvements. Also with due these learning imparted to the students, some form of scrutiny must also be combined with it, in order to keep a track of the progress of the student to realize how much did the child understand. The no-detention policy…

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Generation Gap

cause of generation gap

GENERATION GAP INTRODUCTION “Hamare zamane mein hum chal ke jaya karte the, aur tum aajkal ke bacche Gaadi aur rickshaw ke bina jaate nay ho.”  This sentence is most common sentence which we, as the younger generation can hear from the older generation. The difference of thoughts, beliefs, lifestyles between “Hamara zamana” (Older generation) and “Naya zamana” (Younger generation) refers to the generation gap.   Generation is usually divided into 3 parts: 1) Childhood 2) Middle age 3) Old age. Generally, a family consists of all the three generations mentioned…

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The Menace of Eve-Teasing: GD Topic – Best GD Topics

the menace of eve-teasing

THE MENACE OF EVE-TEASING INTRODUCTION The making of obscene remarks by men to women in public places is said to be known as eve-teasing. Eve-teasers can be seen in buses, schools, colleges, pubs, theatres, parks, restaurants, etc. The predators stalk and then physically and mentally harras women. This obviously results in big crimes or suicidal cases. Can you believe that every woman in the world, especially in India experiences some or the other kind of harassment and molestation at some point in time? Yeah, you heard it right. Not only…

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Mob Lynching in India: GD Topic – Best GD Topics


MOB LYNCHING IN INDIA ‘Individual will no match for mad mobs.’ Whenever a mob gets violent, no intellect can help to calm it. Even the most sensible minds lose their calm and get carried away with the rage of the mob. And such a mob is the most dangerous thing that not only hurts the society but puts a question mark on humanity as a whole.   INTRODUCTION The mob is a group of people, particularly ferocious and violent, which disturb harmony and peace in society and lynching means to…

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Retirement Homes Pros and Cons: GD Topic – Best GD Topics


RETIREMENT HOMES – PROS AND CONS INTRODUCTION First, we learn so we can start working. Then we work so we can start earning. Then we save for the second innings of our lives where we won’t be working. This is a simple sum-up of an average person’s life. Retiring from work is usually called the second innings of life because as old age steps in, the efficiency of the human body decreases thus changes everything. It is often said that childhood and old age are the same – for we…

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Live-In Relationship in India: GD Topic – Best GD Topics


LIVE-IN RELATIONSHIP IN INDIA INTRODUCTION Don’t judge a book by its cover! When two people in a long-term relationship live together in the same house without getting legally married, they are said to be in a live-in relationship. Couples, especially from the young population, want to enter into marriage only when they make sure that they are compatible and can spend their whole life with each other. And why not? I think everyone has freedom of choice. Marriage is an important phase of everyone’s life. So, the ‘would be a…

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Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family: GD Topic – Best GD Topics


JOINT FAMILY VS NUCLEAR FAMILY Introduction Family is like a bowl of fruit salad – different in taste, colour, looks,  but together makes that amazing flavour which can make anyone forget their pain and take a sigh of relief.   Family is the soil where our roots are held together and from there we grow as an individual yet attached to the roots. Family is a very essential part of everyone’s life. The importance of family is being inscribed within our brains since childhood. The bond that we share with…

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Women Empowerment in India: Gd Topic – Best GD Topics


WOMEN EMPOWERMENT IN INDIA INTRODUCTION A woman is a full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform – Diane Mariechild Women empowerment is a highly discussed topic since ages not just in India but around the globe. But still is it showing required colours to the extent needed, is still women are heard, or just ignored and neglected? Have the civil, technological advancements brought the women into the light? Here we are not just talking about women’s rights, but about gender equality and justice. Which has…

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Is Marriage Losing its Importance | GD Topic


IS MARRIAGE LOSING ITS IMPORTANCE INTRODUCTION The word marriage would have acquired a negative aura around it in certain parts of the world because there is some sense of juvenile freedom. When you are a young adult you think marriage is a not happening but during childhood, you used to think that marriage is good. Isn’t it? We can definitely expect exceptional cases. When you were a child, your father and mother were around you. At 10, you attended somebody else’s marriage. But when you are 18, suddenly you are…

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