Democracy Vs Monarchy: GD Topic – Best GD Topics


DEMOCRACY VS MONARCHY INTRODUCTION All societies are established under some form of power or government which vary from country to country but they have the same fundamentals. Monarch comes from the Greek mono, “one” and archon, “single ruler”. Monarch is a nation’s ruler or the head of the state by hereditary right. Monarchy applies to the State where the supreme authority is in the hands of the monarch. The family called the dynasty and it represents the country’s national identity. The monarch’s position is inherited and lasts until death or…

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India-Pakistan Relations: GD Topic – Best GD Topics

Pakistan India relationships

INDIA PAKISTAN RELATIONS INTRODUCTION From the very beginning roots of conflicts have been deeply planted amongst the 2 nations. Many of Muslims living in India, Hindus, and Sikhs living in Pakistan have immigrated in one of the most massive transfers of population in today’s era. Both of them always frowned up over the matter of not providing adequate facilities, respect to each of these minorities immigrating through their territories, which served as a source of economic, political tensions between the 2 newly born nations during the 1947’s. Did these conflicts &…

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Types of Government – Which is the Best?

government types gd topics

TYPES OF GOVERNMENT INTRODUCTION What is the purpose of the term government? According to Thomas Jefferson, “its purpose is to allow for the preservation of life & liberty along with pursuit of happiness”. It is a collective term which refers to the some group of people who have been given the power to control a state at a given point of time. It is mainly concerned with 3 duties under its territory. Firstly to protect the nation which it holds, its people, places, wealth, etc. from any sort of danger.…

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Article 370 Kashmir: GD Topic – Best GD Topics


ARTICLE 370 Kashmir INTRODUCTION The state of Jammu & Kashmir has been given a special autonomous status under Article 370.The part XXI of the Constitution of India, which deals with ‘Temporary, Transitional and special provisions grants this special status to Jammu & Kashmir.   The intent behind the introduction of this article is to give space to the state from both the countries fighting for it. This article is a measure of safeguard that allows Jammu & Kashmir to have its own constitution. Some issues lie with the Indian Government…

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