Social Networking in our Lives: GD Topic – Best GD Topics

social networking boon bane

SOCIAL NETWORKING IN OUR LIVES INTRODUCTION I’m sure everyone reading this article must have been scolded by their elders for being on the phones most of the time! Which leads me to think about the fact that social media is not just limited to a mere virtual network, but it is a whole different world that we live in. A virtual world that affects our realities. Blurring the distance between our loved ones is the greatest magic of social media. It has its own pro’s and cons, but it is…

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Stress Vs Consumer Spending: Direct or Inverse?

factors affecting consumer behaviour

Stress Vs Consumer Spending Well, consumer behaviour is a deep ocean and an interesting one also!  Why Consumer and not customer? What is the difference? Can customer always be a consumer? For example, Mr X is buying a mobile for his sister Mahi. In this example, Mr X is a customer (buying a mobile), and Mahi (consuming) is a consumer. Mr X is also buying a smartwatch from that shop for himself, so in this situation, Mr X is customer and consumer both because he is purchasing a smartwatch for…

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How to overcome Career-Placement Dilemma: Indepth Analysis

how to choose career vs placement

Placement Vs Pursuing a Career By and large, many of the university students in India, Post-Graduate, in particular, are in dilemma concerning the choice between placement and pursuit of career goals. Being stranded in such anxiety, according to some official reports, in India every hour one student commits suicide.   Giving birth to such grave complexities, the dilemma hailing from the choice between placement and career goals is a much-debated topic in today’s’ date and direly needs to be addressed by academic institutions through awareness, parents, and the students themselves.…

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How to motivate employees with Financial Rewards

employee motivation management

EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION In developing approaches to motivate employees, managers should focus mainly on financial rewards It is a very difficult task for managers to develop methods and strategies to motivate employees. However, when they are focussed on the right techniques and information, then their task becomes pretty easy. Motivation is an integral part of the performance of employees. But the most important question is how to motivate your employees and how to devise the strategies. Also, the main question comes to mind that what strategies are needed to be devised…

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Job Vs Entrepreneurship – GD Topic

job vs entrepreneurship debate

JOB Vs ENTREPRENEURSHIP Group Discussion INTRODUCTION A job can be any piece of work that is performed in exchange for an agreed price and similar benefits whereas entrepreneurship is creating new ventures keeping in mind the risks and difficulties and thinking out of the box in order to make a profit. One of the biggest differences between entrepreneurship and job is having more control. QUOTES “You have to see failure as the beginning and the middle, but never entertain it as an end.” – Jessica Herrin, founder, and CEO of…

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Ethics Vs Business: GD Topic – Best GD Topics

personal ethics vs business ethics

ETHICS VS BUSINESS INTRODUCTION The term, “Ethics” has been derived from the Greek word “ethos” which means custom or character. Ethics is based on well-founded standards of right and wrong which explains what humans need to do, generally in terms of benefits of society, rights, obligations, fairness & etc. Sometimes the exact meaning of “ethics” is hard to pin down & everyone has their own views about the word ethics which makes it a bit shaky. Whereas business is an organized effort of the individuals to produce and sell for…

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Corporate Slavery: GD Topic – Best GD Topics


CORPORATE SLAVERY INTRODUCTION “Do what you love, and love what you do” is another common saying that is not commonly implemented. A person spends the major part of his life working and those years of work turn into a monotonous routine if it isn’t fun. With a variety of jobs and business opportunities in the market, some people choose to climb the corporate ladder. Climbing this ladder is not that simple as nothing worth having comes easy. A great amount of hard work and energy has to be put in…

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Walmart – The Retail Giant: GD Topic

walmart black friday

WALMART – THE RETAIL GIANT INTRODUCTION “Walmart” formerly known as “Wal-Mart Stores Inc.” based out of an American store has now become one of the world’s greatest retailers amongst the world’s largest retail companies. This company was founded by Sam Walton residing in Rogers, Arkansas in 1962, initially having its focus on rural areas for their expansion. Now its expansion rates are touching great heights by competing with top retail brands in the world. This giant is popularly known for selling numerous brands of products at the cheapest prices affordable…

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Is MBA Internship compulsory

internship in mba

MBA INTERNSHIP – Important for MBA Student? INTRODUCTION Nowadays, MBA Internships have become an inevitable part of any Management Education. Almost each and every field need Exposure to Practical work. Internships work as a tool that can help MBA students to develop the necessary skills through hands-on experience. During this Internship period, one gets to understand the work culture in different industries and the way work is done in the corporate world. QUOTE “The ideal intern is committed, creative, organized, ambitious, independent, and able to crack a smile, whether meeting…

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Indian Media: GD Topic – Best GD Topics

indian media industry

INDIAN MEDIA INTRODUCTION The Indian media consists of different streams like television, film industry, magazines, newspapers, internet media, etc. The existence of Indian media can be dated back to 1780, when the first newspaper was printed, during the British rule. Radio broadcasting began in 1927. The first Indian Hindi film that was made was ‘Raja Harishchandra’, directed by Ardeshir Irani, which was released in 1931. Hence the India media started working before independence, and now has grown into a large industry, becoming one the world’s biggest media. QUOTE ‘If I…

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