Indian Media: GD Topic – Best GD Topics

indian media industry

INDIAN MEDIA INTRODUCTION The Indian media consists of different streams like television, film industry, magazines, newspapers, internet media, etc. The existence of Indian media can be dated back to 1780, when the first newspaper was printed, during the British rule. Radio broadcasting began in 1927. The first Indian Hindi film that was made was ‘Raja Harishchandra’, directed by Ardeshir Irani, which was released in 1931. Hence the India media started working before independence, and now has grown into a large industry, becoming one the world’s biggest media. QUOTE ‘If I…

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Corporate Slavery: GD Topic – Best GD Topics


CORPORATE SLAVERY INTRODUCTION “Do what you love, and love what you do” is another common saying that is not commonly implemented. A person spends the major part of his life working and those years of work turn into a monotonous routine if it isn’t fun. With a variety of jobs and business opportunities in the market, some people choose to climb the corporate ladder. Climbing this ladder is not that simple as nothing worth having comes easy. A great amount of hard work and energy has to be put in…

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Stress Vs Consumer Spending: Direct or Inverse?

factors affecting consumer behaviour

Stress Vs Consumer Spending Well, consumer behaviour is a deep ocean and an interesting one also!  Why Consumer and not customer? What is the difference? Can customer always be a consumer? For example, Mr X is buying a mobile for his sister Mahi. In this example, Mr X is a customer (buying a mobile), and Mahi (consuming) is a consumer. Mr X is also buying a smartwatch from that shop for himself, so in this situation, Mr X is customer and consumer both because he is purchasing a smartwatch for…

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Importance of Networking: GD Topic – Best GD Topics


IMPORTANCE OF NETWORKING   INTRODUCTION Networking is not just the exchange of knowledge, information with others — and it’s not at all about begging for favours. Networking is about establishing and nurturing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with the people you meet, whether you’re waiting to order your morning tea, participating in a walkathon, or attending a conference. You don’t have to join any professional association and attend every networking event that comes your way in order to be a successful networker. In fact, if you take your eyes off your…

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15 GD Topics for MBA 2021 with Answers and Guide

gd topics for mba

GD Topis for MBA Hi Uotians, this blog will help you explore the most important GD topics for MBA admissions 2020. The group discussion round is crucial during the selection process that is followed by a personal interview. In some institutes, the GD round is replaced by Written Ability Test. A similar GD process acts as a filter during the placement process so it is of utmost importance that MBA students are well versed with important topics related to the management world. We have listed down GD topics for MBA…

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E-Learning: Pros and Cons

e learning websites

E-learning Pros and Cons INTRODUCTION While doing the job if you want to get a degree or learn new skills then what? It was difficult earlier but now it is simply because of e-learning. E-learning can be defined as learning with the help of electronic technologies. This is a ‘new normal’ thing due to Corona outbreak. Many courses and post-graduation programs were available online before Corona outbreak but now due to lockdown, even all schools adopted this method.  QUOTES “E-learning is a big umbrella that covers a lot of opportunity.…

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Fall of Kodak | THE Kodak Failure: GD Topic – Best GD Topics


FALL OF KODAK – THE KODAK FAILURE A generation ago, a “Kodak moment” meant something that was worth saving and savouring. Today, the term, “Kodak” is used as an apparition to warn the executives to stand up and fight, when competition hits its way in the market. But while making such admonitions, somewhere, one forgets the struggles that the company Kodak has faced and what was the reason for its fall. INTRODUCTION Founded by George Eastman and Henry A. Strong, Kodak became a giant in the photography industry, in just a few decades. For…

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Fixed Pay Vs Variable Pay: GD Topic – Best GD Topics


FIXED PAY VS VARIABLE PAY INTRODUCTION Have you ever noticed that your monthly salary credited to your bank account is less than the actual CTC mentioned in your offer letter? Yes? Well, Then this is so because of the structure of salary and the tax implications imposed on it. Though salary document is not one of the easiest financial documents to decipher there is no rocket science behind it. There are generally two components of your salary viz, Earnings and Deductions. Earnings consist of various parts like Basic Pay, House…

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Social Media Boon or Bane: GD Topic – Best GD Topics


SOCIAL MEDIA: BOON OR BANE INTRODUCTION Social Media, a hot topic since it ever came into existence and is one of the favourite topics for Debate, Group Discussion and different Forums. It is that bad to be criticized? Why is Social Media Bad? Check the image below     What? Even you spend about 3 hours on social media? You must be kidding but the numbers don’t. It comes down to 3 hours a day, 90 hours a month and 1080 hours a year. OMG, 1000 precious hours of life…

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Social Networking in our Lives: GD Topic – Best GD Topics

social networking boon bane

SOCIAL NETWORKING IN OUR LIVES INTRODUCTION I’m sure everyone reading this article must have been scolded by their elders for being on the phones most of the time! Which leads me to think about the fact that social media is not just limited to a mere virtual network, but it is a whole different world that we live in. A virtual world that affects our realities. Blurring the distance between our loved ones is the greatest magic of social media. It has its own pro’s and cons, but it is…

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