Epidemic Vs Pandemic – GD Topic

definition of epidemic pandemic uot mba

EPIDEMIC Vs PANDEMIC INTRODUCTION After months of referring to the coronavirus outbreak as an epidemic, the World Health Organization has declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic. To understand what is Epidemic and Pandemic we need to know different levels of disease in a community. What is an Endemic? Endemic is a disease among particular people or in a certain area   What is an Epidemic? An epidemic is an outbreak of an infectious disease that attacks many people in a community at the same time.   What is Pandemic? PANDEMIC…

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Windows Vs Ubuntu – Which is the Best OS?

ubuntu vs windows

Windows Vs Ubuntu INTRODUCTION Having resources is great! but does those resources make any sense if they don’t deliver optimum results? Efficient management of resources should be done to gain desired results. Similar logic can be applied to computers and mobile devices, they are loaded with application software’s and hardware to handle GB’s of information/data. These applications and hardware are managed by a program which is termed as “operating system”. OS works as an interface between computer hardware and the end-user, it is a communicator which helps the user to…

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Is India Ready for Electric Vehicles: GD Topic – Best GD Topics


IS INDIA READY FOR ELECTRIC VEHICLES INTRODUCTION ‘Death by Breath’ was an Indian Express initiative covering the air pollution in Delhi and its effects on the population residing. As the name suggests, it had become fatal. After reading about the deteriorating air quality, each one of us had thought why don’t we opt for electric vehicles in India? There are obvious advantages of electric vehicles but then why are they such a rare sight? If it is only about the price then why people owning private jets don’t drive these…

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Plastic Pollution: GD Topic – Best GD Topics


PLASTIC POLLUTION GD Topic INTRODUCTION You all might already be aware of plastic pollution. But just knowing about is not enough, we should even understand it. So today, let’s take a step together towards it and understand plastic pollution in detail. Who made the first plastic? Leo Hendrik Baekeland, a Belgian-born American living in New York state, made plastic based on a synthetic polymer which was made from phenol and formaldehyde, with the first viable and cheap synthesis methods invented in 1907.   What is Plastic Pollution? Plastic Pollution is…

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