Red – Abstract GD Topic

Red vs Blue GD topic

Colour Red We as humans are born with great creative and imaginative skills. Every time someone talks about a particular colour, we start visualising things associated with that colour. Each coin has two sides. Similarly, the colour Red has so its own significance. It is associated with war, blood, anger and all sorts of negativity but at the same time, it also resembles desire for love, peace and passion. This colour signifies our will to survive. It includes emotions and encourages us to take action. Red is the colour of…

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Content Marketing Tips: Things Every Early-stage Startup Founder Must Know.

content marketing tips for startups

CONTENT MARKETING TIPS So you have taken a leap of faith. That’s great! Starting a business alongside your studies or quitting your job to pursue your dream is a bold decision. To make any brand success there are two essential factors: An amazing product and service Good marketing   A valuable product & fulfilling service – that ball is always in your court!   But, good marketing can be learnt with proper guidance.   “Nothing kills a bad company faster than good marketing”   Here is what Apple Co-founder Steve…

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How to use Instagram for Marketing

instagram marketing tools

INSTAGRAM FOR MARKETING Hi folks, I am Sohrab and I would like to share my experience on Instagram. Its been a journey over a period from being a non-socializer and anti-Instagram person to become a pro Instagram user as well as a service provider now. After serving several client in B2B and B2C segment, I have realised a potential of Instagram. Our team at iDigitize work day and night in understanding content harvesting and creating engaging content for several social platforms where Instagram is the niche.   The World: Or…

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Crime against Women in India

crime against women in India

CRIME AGAINST WOMEN INTRODUCTION The number of violent crimes in India especially those against women are increasing with each passing year. Ranging from the so-called eve-teasing and outright sexual harassment on the street or workplace to harassment for dowry, molestations, acid attacks, and the often-reported rape, these crimes against women reflects the deep-rooted problems related to the position of women in Indian society. The brutal gang rape in New Delhi compels us to look into the situation on women in today’s society. Such heinous crimes have degraded the status of…

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Just in Time

just in time benefits

JUST IN TIME INTRODUCTION There is a cost associated with each and everything in this world. Businesses rise or fall if they don’t do the right estimation of the costs incurred for each of the element which contributes to building their profits and functioning of their organization. With the changing time our world has also evolved; the hunger for power and money has always been there in this world which led to wars, politics and disaster. However, one of the biggest disasters led to the invention of a technique/process which…

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Is India safe for Women?

women safety in India

IS INDIA SAFE FOR WOMEN INTRODUCTION A prompt reply to this Question would definitely be “NO”. Because, how can we forget the Nirbhaya case, in which a young lady was brutally raped and murdered and her family had to wait for 8 long years for justice. How can we forget the recent Hyderabad case, wherein a veterinary doctor was raped and brutally murdered? How can we forget the regular headlines wherein a young girl child of around 5 years or an old woman of 80 years is raped? How can…

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Are Work from Home Jobs legit? Future of Business?

where to find work from home jobs

WORK FROM HOME – TELECOMMUTING INTRODUCTION Yes, we are fighting a global crisis – COVID 19, and we’ll fight it down to come out strong. The global economy has gone for a toss overnight, and organizations are forced to choose an alternate way of work to reduce conflict of interest. What is that alternative? It’s telecommuting or work from home. It was a method used to give leverage for employees undergoing family emergencies, medical emergencies etc. But in this pandemic situation, this method has proven to be a business saver,…

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