The NorthEast problem in India

northeast india conflict

PROBLEM OF NORTHEAST INDIA INTRODUCTION The northeast always remains in the news mostly due to protests and militant clashes with the armed forces, most recently was the protests against Citizen Amendment Act. The North-Eastern states also are known as seven sisters connected to India by the “chicken neck”.     Why northeast is called Seven Sisters? Because they have similarities in factors like geography, politics, social life and economy. The NorthEast States Tripura, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Mizoram, and Nagaland.     ‘CHICKEN NECK’: – a very narrow strip of land…

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Top 6 Challenges in the IT industry

problems in IT sector

CHALLENGES IN IT INDUSTRY INTRODUCTION Information Technology a buzz word and boon for us, the generation of 21st century. It is a developing field which has changed our lives and acted as a pioneer to drive globalization. But as we enjoy the perks of the digital era there are few challenges too. Are you aware of them? Let’s talk about the challenges in the IT industry. QUOTES Progress has never been a bargain. You’ve got to pay for it. Sometimes I think there’s a man behind a counter who says,…

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Impact of Fake News on Society

fake news in india

IMPACT OF FAKE NEWS ON SOCIETY INTRODUCTION In today’s era of internet and social media, information has taken a new place. The rapid transformation of traditional print media into online portals has started a new trend of getting updates instantly. Gone are those days when we used to wait for the morning newspaper to start our day. The internet has provided a platform where anything can be accessed with just one touch. Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives which directly or indirectly controls our psychology.…

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India-Pakistan Relations: GD Topic – Best GD Topics

Pakistan India relationships

INDIA PAKISTAN RELATIONS INTRODUCTION From the very beginning roots of conflicts have been deeply planted amongst the 2 nations. Many of Muslims living in India, Hindus, and Sikhs living in Pakistan have immigrated in one of the most massive transfers of population in today’s era. Both of them always frowned up over the matter of not providing adequate facilities, respect to each of these minorities immigrating through their territories, which served as a source of economic, political tensions between the 2 newly born nations during the 1947’s. Did these conflicts &…

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25 tips to crack Group Discussion

Tips to crack GD

Group Discussion is basically an activity that helps the recruiter for comparative analysis and judge personality, body language, communication skill, confidence, persuasion skill, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, motivational skills, team BUILDING SKILLS, ANALYTICAL AND LOGICAL SKILLS, different thinking ability, assertiveness, flexibility, creativity, ability to think on one’s feet, and many more as per company’s requirement. In this activity, a group of students is given a topic and allowed to speak for a specific duration of time. The size of group and time limit could be different for different organizations/colleges based…

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BIMSTEC – Member Countries, Functions, Challenges, India’s role

bimstec objectives

Let’s decode BIMSTEC BIMSTEC stands for Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation. A regional group of 7 nations lying adjacent to the Bay of Bengal to promote cooperation in the economic and social progress of the area. Permanent secretariat: Dhaka, Bangladesh BIMSTEC COUNTRIES Bangladesh India Myanmar Sri Lanka Thailand Bhutan Nepal   BIMSTEC OBJECTIVES Promoting economic activities through improved connectivity. Ensuring stability and sustainable development of the bay. Improved cooperation in areas of mutual interest such as research and development, maritime security, etc. To increase the…

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How to overcome Career-Placement Dilemma: Indepth Analysis

how to choose career vs placement

Placement Vs Pursuing a Career By and large, many of the university students in India, Post-Graduate, in particular, are in dilemma concerning the choice between placement and pursuit of career goals. Being stranded in such anxiety, according to some official reports, in India every hour one student commits suicide.   Giving birth to such grave complexities, the dilemma hailing from the choice between placement and career goals is a much-debated topic in today’s’ date and direly needs to be addressed by academic institutions through awareness, parents, and the students themselves.…

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Syrian Crisis Explained – What is happening in Syria?

syrian crisis timeline

SYRIAN CRISIS TIMELINE INTRODUCTION 9 years of war, over 3 lakh civilian deaths, more than 8 lakh refugees and no solution to date. How did the popular uprising of 2011 turned in worst humanitarian crises, one has ever known? Let’s try to find it out by going deep into the background. We will also see how this turned into a proxy war between Russia and the US. QUOTES “So often Egypt, Iraq and Syria and other areas in the Holy Land ooze tears” – Pope Francis   “The war in…

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What is Reservation System in India?

should reservation be based on economic status

SHOULD RESERVATION BE BASED ON ECONOMIC STATUS? INTRODUCTION The reservation system in India was undertaken to resolve inequality, historic tyranny and discrimination suffered by some communities of the society. The communal awards announced by British Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald in August 1932 triggered the initial fire. There was a demand for separate electorates for Dalits, Sikhs, Muslims, Indian Christians, Anglo Indians, and Europeans. The same was opposed by Mahatma Gandhi who declared fast until death in Yerwada jail. The Poona pact of 1932 was the inception of the quota system…

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How to motivate employees with Financial Rewards

employee motivation management

EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION In developing approaches to motivate employees, managers should focus mainly on financial rewards It is a very difficult task for managers to develop methods and strategies to motivate employees. However, when they are focussed on the right techniques and information, then their task becomes pretty easy. Motivation is an integral part of the performance of employees. But the most important question is how to motivate your employees and how to devise the strategies. Also, the main question comes to mind that what strategies are needed to be devised…

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