Free GD Practice Sessions – Social Media

online gd session social media

GROUP DISCUSSION ONLINE PRACTICE SESSIONS Hello Uotians, we are starting up with Free GD Sessions. A realtime GD situation is given below, you need to comment down your reaction on the same. GD Topic – Is social media really connecting people? Situation  You have to open the GD session. There is always an advantage in such a scenario because others have to calibrate their thought process according to what you pitched in the start.   Write down your Opening Statement in the comments section below this article. Do appreciate points…

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Walmart – The Retail Giant: GD Topic

walmart black friday

WALMART – THE RETAIL GIANT INTRODUCTION “Walmart” formerly known as “Wal-Mart Stores Inc.” based out of an American store has now become one of the world’s greatest retailers amongst the world’s largest retail companies. This company was founded by Sam Walton residing in Rogers, Arkansas in 1962, initially having its focus on rural areas for their expansion. Now its expansion rates are touching great heights by competing with top retail brands in the world. This giant is popularly known for selling numerous brands of products at the cheapest prices affordable…

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