Group Discussion Skills to Crack any GD – Best GD Topics


GROUP DISCUSSION SKILLS Hello Uotians, to crack a Group Discussion round would be a cakewalk if you know what skills do you need to possess to have an upper hand in the room. Group Discussion essentially is conducted to test if a candidate has the following skills: Communication/Speaking The basic & the most essential of all the skills are speaking & communication. How clearly and how firmly are you able to present your ideas? How well are you able to influence the opinions of others? – shows how good a…

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T-Series vs PewDiePi: GD Topic – Best GD Topics

pewdiepi vs tseries

T-SERIES VS PEWDIEPI INTRODUCTION The Internet war that began earlier this year, called ‘T Series Vs Pewdiepie’, gained a lot of popularity amongst its followers. Since both are channels on YouTube, the fight was for completing 100 million subscribers. Both the channels have a different type of content, different kind of audience, different genres, but still, this internet war brought them together, on one platform. The war was won by T Series, completing 100 million on 29th May this year, Pewdiepie still backs it, with almost 99 million subscribers. Update…

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