Top 10 GD Tips: Group Discussion Tips 2020

GD Tips

GD TIPS – GROUP DISCUSSION TIPS Hello Uotians, this article will help you understand all the Important GD Tips that will definitely help in an Actual Group Discussion stage. 1. Content is the King The most pioneering tip for GD is – speak relevant content. The benefit of presenting an enriched content is, you can take the whole GD on your side. Resultant, you’ll lead the GD round. For good content, focus on the facts & figure whenever possible. Also, remember these golden letters for good content- PESTEL. As mentioned…

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What is Group Discussion? GD Importance

what is GD

WHAT IS GROUP DISCUSSION A Group discussion, familiarly called as GD, is an indissoluble part of the selection process. Be it Business Schools or be it companies! GD is a process wherein the candidates are supposed to present their viewpoint verbally on the given topic. Usually, 10 candidates on an average participate in a Group Discussion.   The sitting arrangement for a GD is ideally circle or a semicircle. Once the topic for the GD is disclosed by the panellists, the candidates are given 3 to 5 minutes to think…

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T-Series vs PewDiePi: GD Topic – Best GD Topics

pewdiepi vs tseries

T-SERIES VS PEWDIEPI INTRODUCTION The Internet war that began earlier this year, called ‘T Series Vs Pewdiepie’, gained a lot of popularity amongst its followers. Since both are channels on YouTube, the fight was for completing 100 million subscribers. Both the channels have a different type of content, different kind of audience, different genres, but still, this internet war brought them together, on one platform. The war was won by T Series, completing 100 million on 29th May this year, Pewdiepie still backs it, with almost 99 million subscribers. Update…

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Is Sarahah promoting CyberBullying: GD Topic – Best GD Topics

IS SARAHAH PROMOTING CYBERBULLYING INTRODUCTION What is Cyberbullying? Cyberbullying is defined as using a computer or any other means of an electronic device to intimidate, threaten or humiliate another individual. Social networking takes cyberbullying to the next level. Earlier in high schools children used to get bullied, they used to listen to spiteful comments, typical name-calling &, etc. but now people of almost any age group are getting targeted by different forms of bullying via the Internet. Here, “Sarahah” is an Arabic word which roughly means “honesty”, also this is…

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Article 370 Kashmir: GD Topic – Best GD Topics


ARTICLE 370 Kashmir INTRODUCTION The state of Jammu & Kashmir has been given a special autonomous status under Article 370.The part XXI of the Constitution of India, which deals with ‘Temporary, Transitional and special provisions grants this special status to Jammu & Kashmir.   The intent behind the introduction of this article is to give space to the state from both the countries fighting for it. This article is a measure of safeguard that allows Jammu & Kashmir to have its own constitution. Some issues lie with the Indian Government…

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Teenage Attraction is Not Love: GD Topic – Best GD Topics

Teenage Love

TEENAGE ATTRACTION IS NOT LOVE INTRODUCTION We’ve all experienced love during our teenage years. This love adds richness & happiness to our lives. We’ve loved and been loved. It not only provides us with a chance to discover our own selves as we share it with someone new. Teenage is a transitional phase from childhood to adulthood, where most of us have a probability of getting attracted towards opposite gender due to addiction of one’s charm, looks, and personality. Lust is what attraction is and Love is different. QUOTE “Too…

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